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Wroclaw Dwarfs

Someone might say: - Wrocław and dwarfs? Uh, this fairy tale.

And little would be a mistake. In the fairy tale dwarf Wroclaw can be found! It is about one foot in height, beard, pointed hat and pointed butki. Beauty relative. Gnomes ukochały the Wroclaw. Looking at us from the doors, basements, windows. Some are so bold that they can be found on the street. And sometimes, you can not even trip! Sprites are very small, busy and difficult to discern, but with a little bit of patience, commitment and our effort will be rewarded. Just carefully follow the path under my feet.

If someone does not believe, and doubt in my words then I invite you for a walk.

We meet in front of the Puppet Theatre, where he waited until he can gather all the brownies carefully study the fountain. She looks after her seven dwarves: actor, gardener, jailer, Aquarius, Wierzbownik, pigeon and Captain.


Once a company nacieszymy fountain dwarfs we move to the west, towards the Opera House (about three minutes.) After reaching the building, turn right (towards the Market Square). We go straight ahead until Świdnicka underpass (5 min). When we leave the other switch on the left we have "fast food" and the right side we Dwarf Orange Alternative. Nice fat man with him, despite the fact that symbolizes the very rich and abundant times.

Once a company nacieszymy fountain dwarfs we move to the west, towards the Opera House (about three minutes.) After reaching the building, turn right (towards the Market Square). We go straight ahead until Świdnicka underpass (5 min). When we leave the other switch on the left we have "fast food" and the right side we Dwarf Orange Alternative. Nice fat man with him, despite the fact that symbolizes the very rich and abundant times. krasnal_wrocław_2.jpg

We continue st. Świdnicka, carefully avoiding the stone balls decorating the sidewalk. Looking out for Syzyfków (Osiłków) occupied, indeed, titanic work. It is thanks to the market after each event bullets always return to their seats. These two small pracusie but consistency and perseverance are also characterized by exceptional patience. Who could withstand continuous kicks, poszturchiwania, pulling his head or a hat - not to mention sitting down and trying to break the limbs. I guess everyone already guessed why dwarves fled from our childhood.)


When I leave the rest of their shiny hats is when we look around you'll see that we stand at the crossroads of Market (left), st. Świdnicka behind us and the street. Oławska (right). Oławska We go out into the street, where just after the first intersection (with st. Szewska) we come across a music lover and musician dwarves. These two go hand in hand, the small sprites arrangements Having anplakt concert and do not intend to finish soon.


And here we got to that, the first exception. Mess head high, and carefully look at the nearby street lanterns. Słupników looking out for dwarves, and there are two types - spoglądzacze and climbers. Due to a slight increase dwarves are always discriminated against. No one, I never took into account their small dimensions, so the little "devil" on the lamp wgramoliły to be able to look at the world from a "larger perspective."


As you turn the other pooglądamy Street. Łaciarską (south) and march on to the end, that is, st. Veit Stoss where you turn left and go straight until you reach the Market. At the intersection of Market Street. Veit Stoss and st. Kuźnicza careful not to trample gnome Smith. Is unhappy because the city began to call him "Kuźnik", and yet every child knows that the working blacksmith forge and not some Kuźnik. Blacksmith produces harnesses for pigeons, which from time immemorial krasnoludkom serve as an indispensable and reliable means of transport.


If we have a fairly taciturn Smith is entering the market and we are moving in the direction of City Hall, but it did not come. Before we turn the building down the street. Sukiennicza. Note to not miss the tunnel to the Municipal Guard, which guards the guardian leprechaun. As a sign of their profession holds in his hand a great bill. Not terrible kotrysy him, szczurosmoki whether wronharpie. His vigilance is indeed legendary, and you can be confident that you will see a lot earlier than you do it:).


After leaving the other tunnel, we go right to the end of the building. Behind the building, turn right again and look for the gnome Dovecote podniebnym steed. Smooth, wide window sills are perfect for landing sites for the flying creatures of various shades and nationalities. Not without reason, Wroclaw is called the "meeting places". Sometimes you can find on the battle beaks, wings and claws where the pen as fog obscures the place of a rwetest argument is that wypłasza visitors from nearby gardens.


If, however, is not happening now is nothing we head to Salt Square where we can spend time among the flowers and dwarfs the lighthouse keepers - the twin brothers from st. Oławska. There are there four, heavily involved in his climbing job. In the square was seen as the "three murzynków" and the gentleman in the cap, and a stick.


Time to go on the last corner of Market, under the church. Elizabeth. Go under the arch connecting the two historic houses Altarystów (Hansel and Gretel) and looking for houses to go down to the underground city of dwarfs. Descent Sleeper dwarf guards. Very duties wearied him, so he fell into the arms of Morpheus while sitting at his post. Morpheus was so excellent host, the Sleeper has not yet awakened. Although many tried to wake him as evidenced by the polished cuff hat. Can you succeed?


Wrocław - map dwarfs (city center):


On the lookout for the next gnome celebrating the towers of the church and go to the nearby street. Shambles. We go through a metal gate in the dark Jatek (street is covered!). Again, note that the feet do not zadeptać dwarf. Looking out the tiny door, which is based on a drunk as "bale" dwarf Butcher. His big ax rather associated with banditry than the widely respected butcher trade. The level of social Dwarf is still in the Bronze Age. Please forgive this slightly sentimental fondness for the tools and home crafts. Unfortunately, the dwarf, was deceitfully abducted by unknown assailants.


At the end of the street we see a monument in the place of the murdered animals. And what? Also they should be. After watching the golden egg we move further towards the street. Prison. As the name indicates the street there was a city prison, and we welcome you with its sole customer - Więziennikiem dwarves. This is the thickest dwarf what I saw. Situation and mine is nieszczególną but what surprised when the world looks from the boxes laden with leg lead bullet. So ends a love of property. Definitely the prettiest and best-made dwarf.


Our way leads on to the end of the street. Prison where you can see the edge of the main building of the University of Wroclaw. That brings us to the building and turn right and go up to the fountain "champion." Behind the fountain, turn left into the tunnel and go to the end. But how?! Not noticed in the tunnel dwarf with an umbrella? Well, this gentleman is no longer there. Someone has it ... stolen.


When you exit the tunnel turn right and go straight until you reach the bridge Sand (left) and the Market Hall. We go to the bridge and the bridge over the river look. Water as the eye could see. Go to the other side of the bridge. We have a view of the Cathedral, but we look at a river. No, no. Not so highly. Please look down on the left side of the shore. On it is working hard dwarf Raccoon. Shoes and placed next to the "airs" of the foot. Although this may be representative of the fair sex as soon as he shows it to care about hygiene? Skrzatowce beauty is not a sin for women to grow beards, so it is difficult to discern the difference. Not surprising, therefore, frequent mistakes in these conditions.


Here I must interrupt the previously peeled "the only right way." Gnomes of Wroclaw is so much in such diverse places that the "only right way" takes on a very individual character and everyone can find their own.

At the junction of St. Anthony and Casimir the Great debuted a new gnome. I do not know why they call it "film fan" because if a bicycle were leaving a film camera, this means that not much respect this field of art. I did not want there to use colloquial expression "smack" in order not to offend the creators and sponsors of this baby. It seems that on the occasion of an event film fan film "smack" tools of the Tenth Muse. Of course, not criticizing anyone here, but honestly and purely malicious, "a prank" with its connotations:). I am glad that this young man won the traditional form, and not as previously outsider'ową plaster. Preceded by a long time I stood there any morons urwali his head, perhaps out of jealousy that it was not empty as their own.


Dwarf Życzliwek settled himself near the fountain, "Spring" in Wroclaw's Market Square. Merry is a gentleman as he smiles from ear to ear and left hand squeezes sunflower. You have to sit next to him a little kindness can infect:) and the world will be nicer.


On the western frontage of the Market Bankuś gnome sat. Collects cash into the bag. Not bad for him because he leaves a bag is pretty dumpy. With him under the bed will be safe as cash in the safe. Not sendeth her out of sight even for a moment. We love your money.


And that's the end of our trip. You can now move calmly to some cozy pubs and regale a nice beer or other beverage. And some may be a squatting dwarf what you and I wish you warmly.

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Soon, the new dwarves, maybe, and descriptions ...